5 ways to spot spoiled, rotten food, even if it’s in the refrigerator

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I believe you must have known Or have at least one friend who has this habit: someone who keeps food in the fridge for so long that they don’t think they can still eat it, but that person still picks it up and devours it. along with saying “It’s not broken. Still able to eat.” In spite of those old food that has been stored for several weeks or maybe even months.

food stored in the refrigerator It doesn’t always mean that it won’t spoil or rot. Many people face problems Can’t distinguish whether this one is spoiled or not, rotten or not, can it still be eaten? Health has a simple trick. Let’s help observe those foods.

5 ways to spot spoiled, rotten food, even if it's in the refrigerator

1.the smell has changed

easy way to observe that many people tend to use often Is to smell. This method is simple and gives a clear effect to a certain extent. Especially with wet food that has water, not dry food such as milk, yogurt, curries, the smell may change, it may be sour, rancid, simply saying that the smell has changed, not the same. If the smell doesn’t pass, don’t eat it.

P.S. Very chilled curry in the refrigerator smells good when it’s cold. may not be clear try to take it out to warm Or leave it to cool down and then try to smell it again. This time the smell will be clearer.

  1. The texture has changed.

From bouncy, soft, easy to scoop yogurt, it turns into a hard, lumpy texture, not as smooth and detailed as before. can be assumed that it is already broken In addition to yoghurt, it may be curry dishes. such as coconut milk curry which may have a thick texture, stick to the spoon, have bubbles, including rice that is crumbly and grainy, may turn into sticky, soggy rice that is not as appetizing as before, etc.

  1. Found something strange in the bag

Ask for permission to summon that something strange Because we actually mean “mold,” but the mold you see in food comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Green, black, orange, yellow, etc. As long as it is foreign matter that has never been in the package ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com. before, it is assumed that it may be mold. Throw it away.

4.the taste has changed

This time, if we don’t see food abnormalities in our hands at all. Must have reached the point of tasting. Taste a small spoon. Don’t taste too much if you feel the taste change. The texture of the tongue changes. Whether it’s sour, smelly, yucky, slippery, if it’s not normal as before, leave it as well

  1. Approximate expiration date

Coming to the final method for those who don’t really care about their senses. Indistinguishable from the eyes, nose, mouth. Think about the day when you bought it for the first day. Count the days to see how many days have passed today. Each food has different expiration time. But if it is a food that contains milk, such as milk, yogurt, and coconut milk curry and foods containing starch And a lot of sugar, such as steamed rice, Chinese desserts, cakes, bakery They were stored for a short time. If the days have been counted for more than 7 days, we recommend throwing it away. including wilted fruits and vegetables not the same should also be discarded.

For frozen chicken eggs You may want to try cracking it inside, smelling the wedges, and observing the color and texture. Eggs are easy to spot. If the eggs are rotten, the smell will be very strong. Definitely not durable

Thailand is a country with hot weather all year round. Especially in the summer, it will sing especially. What follows in the summer is often rotten food. After taking it, it will cause diarrhea, diarrhea if you take it and accumulate a lot. It may also cause stomach cancer. Therefore, be careful.