The Southern Tiger is still alive! ‘Barca’ submitted a new round to buy ‘Levan’ for 35 million baht

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Barcelona offer a new offer of €35 million plus bonuses for striker Robert Lewandowski. But not close to what Bayern Munich set a price of 50 million euros, causing them to leave disappointed.

Sports Build, a popular media outlet in Germany. News reports that Barcelona giants of the fierce bull. Offered the second round to buy Robert Lewandowski. A striker of the Poles at the amount of 35 million euros or about 1,300 million baht plus add-ons. But was Bayern Munich agency in the battle. The German Bundesliga was overlooked as it was lower than intended.

Captain of the Poland national team. Has informed the Tigers that they want to leave the Allianz Arena this summer. Although there is still one year left on his contract with the team. Barca is the team he wants to play with. Had already submitted the first offer of 32.5 million euros or about 1,208 million baht, plus bonuses, but was rejected

Recently, a new offer from the UFABET team has been submitted for 35 million euros, plus other conditions depending on the work But not close to 50 million euros, or about 1,850 million baht that the Bavarian club has set up, causing Azul Grana to go back and improve the offer and come back again.

Throughout the past, the Bayern board came out to show that. Do not want to sell the 33-year-old football team out of the team because there is still one year left on the contract, but with the intention of This door smasher That will not return to the team again, plus recently acquired Sadio Mane, the Senegal national team winger who moved from Liverpool to join the army, making everything begin to relax

However, the solution they were looking for was The famous club at Camp Nou will allow at least €50 million for the star player’s deal. But if not, then there are Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, two other clubs that are ready to spend money to get it. Vanguard recognized that The best in the world to occupy during this transfer market.