‘Bayern’ asks Ronaldo to hunt for Lewan

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Spanish media say Bayern Munich are considering Cristiano Ronaldo, who is unsure whether. Manchester United will be able to win the title under Erik ten Hag. Pulled instead of Robert Lewandowski wants to leave the team.

As the media is famous in the country of fierce bulls. Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich are keeping an eye on the situation of Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo. His agency will be able to compete with other top teams. In the new season? After not having any new players to add to the army and may decide to move to find success with other teams

The Tigers are about to lose Poland striker Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona. In La Liga despite trying to stay at the club until the end of his contract with one remaining season. But it appears the 33-year-old. Polish international has made it clear that he will not return to play at the Allianz Stadium again. It is currently negotiating a transfer.

At the same time, although the Beer City’s top league champion will have the addition of Sadio Mane to enhance the offensive game. But according to Spanish media reports, the UFABET club are looking at ways to sign a contract. 37-year-old Portuguese star player to replace the loss of Lewandowski because if compared to the name Ronaldo is not second to none as well

not only that Being able to play in the UEFA Champions League should be attractive to. Dan Foi Thong It’s easier to decide because the Red Devils have only played in the Europa League and with Eric Ten Hag, the new trainer. It is not guaranteed that will succeed because the team had to overhaul 

As previously reported that Ronaldo was another person who began to feel uncomfortable and is deeply concerned because United ‘s reinforcements are very late Compared to league rivals Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, he sees the team lacking ambition. And does not want to spend the last curve of his career without a championship, which Bayern Munich prepares to use this opportunity to approach the team this summer.