Shocked chicken! ‘White dress’ interested in ‘naughty’, white ginseng spears fill the offensive game

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Spurs may be wary of losing their star player. When Real Madrid were keen on Son Heung-min joined the top-scoring club last season. After showing an excellent form. Until the Golden Spikes chicken won a ticket to play the Champions League this new season.

Rudy Galetti Italian journalist Spanish La Liga champions. Real Madrid are keeping an eye on Tottenham Hotspur’s South Korean striker Son Heung-min. To enhance their offensive game during the transfer market this summer. After the team had to grab two main target players Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland to other teams.

The White King had to meet with disappointment. When perfume shooting star Changed his mind to renew the contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Despite preparing to move to play in the Santiago Bernabeu. While the Norwegian star decided to move to play for Manchester City ‘s old team in the English Premier League

As a result, they have to look for new front center in which the list contains. The goalscorer of the White Som is included because the star kicker showed great form with the Golden Spikes. Especially last season, he was the Premier League’s top scorer together with Mohamed Za. Lah, Liverpool ‘s offensive line , along with leading the team to win the quota to play the cup Champions League as well

However, the chances of getting him are quite difficult because the player extends the contract with the team until 2025, which means that Will have to spend a lot of money to pull out of the place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, importantly , Antonio Conte still sees the 29-year-old still in the UFABET team’s plans with Hair. Rie Kane, a partner in the front, doesn’t want to lose a player.

For the owner of Europe’s largest trophy champion Two new players have been added to the team in the market this round: France midfielder Aurelian Chouameni from Ligue 1 team Monaco and Germany defender Antonio Rudiger. who signed a contract with no fees After the end of the contract with Chelsea, a club from the British Isles.