Only two left! ‘Eriksen’ decides whether ‘Bee’ continues or moves to ‘Ghost’

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Christian Eriksen close to deciding his football future. With just two options left, stay in London with Brentford or move on to a bigger paycheck with Manchester United.

Sky Sports the leading sports media in England. News reports that Christian Eriksen midfielder of the Danish national team. There are two options left to consider moving this summer. Either staying with Brentford or moving to Manchester United. While Tottenham Hotspur has been overlooked because there is no space in the midfield.

The 30-year-old midfielder has impressed with the killer bees. After joining the club in January. But he signed a short-term contract of only 6 months. Make it a football player that can move the UFABET team for free. Until June 30, at this time, it has been reported with the Red Devils. Golden Spikes Chicken and the Bees who want to stay.

Recently, the media reported that dairy star player who are currently on vacation Considering staying in London by extending the contract with the old agency Or will move to the city of Manchester, which offered a better offer, while Spurs were cut off as the first team because the players in the midfield were full.  

Eriksen wants to play regularly to give him a chance to be in his hometown team for the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. late this year So not interested in moving to a team of Antonio Conte while the other two clubs. There are advantages to each. Therefore, it takes time to consider thoroughly before making a final decision.

If he chooses to extend his contract with Brenford, he and his family will settle down to live in London, which is what he wanted in the first place, but if he goes to United , he will stay with a bigger team. And also get higher wages, so at this time the exact future of the player is unknown, but Phungnoi  hopes to be the first to know his decision.