Fantan Online Chilling gambling game for calm people.

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Fantan Online Chilling gambling game for calm people. For the time that there is only the epidemic and the hot weather. I think that online casinos Should be a good choice for gamblers who do not want to go out. It’s still better to sleep in the air and place a bet to feel comfortable. Today, I have another form of gambling called ” Fantan ” to introduce. From personal experience, it is a very good game, not hot-headed after playing. I can keep playing. But how does it play? Is it difficult to play? Let’s go and see.

What is Fantan?

Fantan game originally started as a game used by Chinese gamblers to kill time. The equipment is simple. It uses nuts chips tamarind seeds, beads, or anything small. About 120-300 beads, and uses a long rod similar to a kite’s frame to determine the placement of bets. But lately, most casinos don’t have Fantan to play. Fortunately, there are online casinos. Many of them have this game to play. Sometimes it is called “Fantan”. If anyone enters a casino outside and sees this word, know that it is Fantan . The way to play is still the same, that is, put the beans in a transparent container. Then use a smaller container to cover the beans instead of a scoop. Then gradually separate the beans into piles, each pile of 4 until they are gone, which is the last pile of beans that will be used in the draw.

 Rules for playing Fantan online

To play Fantan through online casinos There are rules as follows.

  1. Players must place bets on the desired position within the time limit.
  2. after timeout The dealer will cover the beans.
  3. The dealer splits the beans into piles of 4 each until they run out.
  4. The number of beans in the last pile will be used to determine the prize draw.

Fantan, what kind of bet, how to pay

For placing bets in Fantan games, we will be able to place bets or predict the results of 3 types of prizes:

  1. Bet on numbers or bet on single numbers

Single bets or numbers, we can predict how many beans the last pile will be from 1 to 4. The chances of winning with this bet form are 25%, which is considered a high risk rate. The best in the game Fantan , but don’t be afraid. Because if compared to other gambling games, this game is considered relatively low risk as well. For the payout rate in betting on numbers then the highest is 2.85 times, excluding capital, bet 100 baht, get money back 385 baht (capital 100, profit 285)

  1. Bet on double favorites or double bet on 2 numbers

Double bet Also known as betting on 2 numbers, it is different from bets on 2 numbers simultaneously, namely, bets on 2 numbers at the same time will bet on 2 numbers if one of them is correct. Another one is considered a waste to Online casinos immediately, but betting with 2 numbers if the prize is issued matches one of the numbers that we bet It is considered all wins.

For betting on 2 numbers, it will reduce the risk for us. The winning rate will be half per half or 50: 50. As for the pair of numbers that we can bet on, there are 6 positions, namely 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4.

Suppose we bet on pairs 1-4, if the last pile of beans has 4 or 1 bean, it is considered that we win. And will receive a prize money at a payout rate of 0.95 times, bet 100 baht, get money back 195 baht (capital 100, profit 95)

3.accumulating 3 numbers

If betting on 2 numbers still feels too risky, try to bet on 3 numbers because the chances of us winning are up to 75%. but had to be willing to pay for the low payout rate Because he will pay us only 0.32 times, just bet 100 baht, get money back 132 baht (capital 100, profit 32) to pay less like this, who likes to be sure I think it’s another interesting option, quite a bit.


 Open the advantages and disadvantages of Fantan online

            Every gambling game has its advantages and disadvantages. as well as the risk It depends on whether we accept it or not. And from personal experience, I can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this type of gambling game.

The first thing that is the advantage of the Fantan game is that we have a very high chance of winning compared to other forms of gambling. Easy to play, no need to think about it. Headache. Because it’s not a strategy game at all. Therefore suitable to play and relieve stress. No need to sit with a hot head as well.

The obvious disadvantage is that very low payout rate But it is considered normal. online casino If any game is easy to pay, it has to pay less to maintain balance. The solution is only to use a formula to walk in money to help increase our profits. As for the format of the prize draw, we cannot predict or use a method to read the cards like Baccarat or Dragon Tiger because it is a fully randomized system.

Another disadvantage is that each round takes a long time to finish. Even placing bets for only a few seconds But it’s slow at counting the beans. Therefore, anyone who is in a hurry or is not okay with having to wait for anything for a long time, I think it is better not to play, good or bad will only be hot-headed. Even so, the fact that the Fantan game takes a long time in each round does not affect the House Edge value or make the online casino. I have an added advantage. because it depends on how many rounds we will play separately The more rounds you play, the more chances of losing.

Fantan where can I play?

If anyone is a neck online casino Can be found from a gambling game called Fantan , but if this name is not found, try to find the word Fantan. It is the same game (similar to Sic Bo that is called Sicbo). The details can be found in the casinos at open to play

How are you doing with a simple gambling game like Fantan that anyone can play only by guessing correctly? And besides how to play, the rules that I present today, I would like to see details of the games in each casino that we are going to play with, which may be slightly different. When there is a problem, you will not find him cheating.

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