Dummy card game, how to play to win

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Dummy card game, how to play to win. The fun of live casinos. I think is that we get to play with real players through online casinos. Without having to risk playing at the casino. And now he has many types of card gambling games to offer as well. Especially dummy the king of card games that many people are very familiar with. For anyone who is not familiar with or has only heard of the name. Today I have a way to play dummy for you. But there is something you need to know. Let’s go see it.

dummy 1

Basic dummy that you need to know

In addition to cards, in playing dummy, the number of players will also affect the deal. The more people, the less the number of cards. For example, if there are 2 people, they will receive 11 cards each. If 3 people play, they will get 9 cards each. But if 4 people play, they will get 7 cards. Most of them are played with 4. people because the number of cards in the hand will not be too much In addition, the time spent playing each round is good.

Vocabulary to know before fighting dummy

At this point, I think no one will be interested in what the dummy has come from. Because the important part to keep in mind is the terms or words that they use in the playing cards. Anyone who doesn’t know or talks randomly knows that they are newbies. to become a chicken for him to shred, which the keywords are as follows


is when a player collects a card from the pot. Go to set up with the cards in your hand. and turn over that suit on the table, it is assumed that the player was born.

A deposit 

is where a player joins or deposits at least one card into the resulting suit. which the resulting set of cards can be our own or someone else’s Because losing this card does not affect the counting of points. Just leave it alone. When the game ends, you can bring it back to count the points as usual.


occurs only when someone in the band collects cards from the center and arranges them in a suit. or can be completed until there is only one card left in the hand and turn the last card face down will become the winner Or it’s a knockout. As for the rest of the people, they can prepare to lose money.

Fall off the building / Close the building

Used to call players who still can’t arrange a single set of cards. can only discard cards until being knocked out by someone else, he will call this symptom falling off the building

The head card

is the first card that is opened as a central. This card is worth 50, except for the head card in the spate suit, 2♣Q♠, is worth 100.

Stupid hit

 whoever hits a card down and gets knocked out by someone else will be called “stupid”.

How to count dummy points

The counting of points is divided according to the card group as follows:

  • Spato suit consists of 2♣ Q♠, the highest value in the game is 50 points, except when it is in the head card, it is doubled worth 100 points.
  • Every face H (A) card is worth 15 points.
  • All 10 / J / Q / K face cards (except Q♠ ) are worth 10 points each.
  • All numeric face cards (except 2♣) are worth 5 points each.

Discarding dummy cards

whether it is an online casino Or in the casino there will be a way to discard the cards as well. In which each discarded card will also affect our points as follows

  • Discard the head. Suppose someone discards a card with no more than 2 numbers in the same suit. Or if it is the same number of the head, it is called discarding. “The body” will be deducted immediately. 50 points if allowing other people to be able to collect the head in that round, the voucher can be born.

For example, the head card is 7♥, player 2 discards 8♥, down. If any player has a 6♥ card in their hand and collects the suit of 6♥7♥8♥, it will make the player The 2nd person will be deducted immediately 50 points, but if no one takes it in this round, they will not be deducted. Considered narrowly surviving

Discarding dummy cards,

discarding will occur only when discarding cards that other people have already been born with, for example, someone was born with a 7 first and then we accidentally discard the 7, which is the last card. It is called discarding a dummy card. It will be deducted immediately. 50 points.

Full Discard

 is where a player discards a card so that it can combine the suit with the other two cards in the middle. For example, if there are 6♥ and 8♥ in the pot and the player discards 7♥, it will be deducted. 50 points out as well


is different from Dumping in that it can occur from 3 events:

  1. Throw down the spetto card. While there was already a spate in the pot before.
  2. Throw down the spetto card. While there was already a spate in the midfield before. (Spito guards are 2♠2 2♥ / 3♣4♣ / Q♣Q Q♥ / 10♠J♠K♠A♠)
  3. Drop the spear guard down. While there was already a speno in the midfield before.

which no matter what event It will cause the discarder to be deducted 50 points as soon as someone collects the spate or both cards to be used in the set. But there is only one way to survive that will not be deducted. No one must keep the cards to use until the loop comes back to the discarder again.

  • Beat / Stalk, throwing the speto down for other people to use to spawn, will instantly lose 50 points.
  • Was deposited in the speto is the card or the deposited card has already been placed. But someone can deposit a spetto card into it. Will cause 50 points to be deducted. For example, if there is a card 3♣4♣5♣6♣ on the table and someone deposits 2♣, it will cause the person to cause the card to be deducted 50 points.

Conditions for deduction of points

In addition to deducting points from discarding cards There are also other conditions that can cause players to be deducted more than usual, mainly.

  • Discard and Discard full will be deducted immediately 100 points. For example, Player 1 places 5♣5♠5♦ and in the discard pile there are 6♥ and 7♥, but Player 4 discards 5♥. It’s a dump and a full dump.
  • Discard Pi-head and Discard-pipe. 100 points are also deducted. For example, the header is 10♠, the first player discards J♠ and the third player puts 10♠J♠Q♠. In this round, the player The first person will be deducted 100 points.
  • In addition to collecting one-eye cards Can result in more than one player being deducted at the same time. for example In the discard pile, there is a card K♠, the 4th player discards A♠, the 2nd person discards J♠, the 3rd person collects it to form a set of J♠Q♠K♠A♠ in that round, causing the 4th and 2nd people to be broken each. 50 points, the base of discarding Pepeto

 how to play dummy

After knowing the basic rules Let’s see how the dummy plays.  First of all, let one player deal the cards. by looking at how many players in the card circle to deal cards according to the following numbers

  • If there are 2 players, 11 cards are dealt each.
  • If there are 3 players, 9 cards are dealt each.
  • If there are 4 players, 7 cards are dealt each.

When all the cards are dealt, you can enter the playing process.

Starting from the first player Look at the head card to see if it can occur with the card in the hand or not. If you can, you can pick them up and put them on the table in front of you. and choose to discard 1 card instead of the card that was picked up.

But if the head leaves that are used can not be born must draw a card from the draw pile and if the drawn card cannot be used again You can choose to discard the card instead of the drawn card or discard the card that has just been drawn.

Next , the second player See if the cards that have been discarded in the middle can be reused or not. If available, pick up the suit and place it on the table in front of yourself and discard 1 card instead of the card that was picked up.

But if you look and see that in the middle there is no card that can be used at all then take a card from the draw pile If possible, you can choose to place the cards on the table in front of your lap. Or you can keep it in your hand first. But no matter what you choose to do whether it can happen or not There must be 1 card discarded instead of the card that was picked up anyway.

for the rest of the players Keep doing the same, the game ends only when one player has only one card left. and turn that card face down on the table It will be deemed that that player is knocked out and is the winner of that game.

dummy 2

How do dummy pay?

For dummy payouts are different from card games in online casino Generally, the pay rate is quite clear and fixed. is after the players have already knocked The remaining people will have to count the points. to find out the payout rate for the winner May determine that the person who gets the most points loses the least. The person who got the lower score also loses a bit more. As for the person who gets the least points, they pay the most as well. which here depends on how the cards are set

However, there is another knockout known as the Dark Knock, which is a knockout with a spetto. This will double the value of the cards.

How are you doing with playing dummy cards ? It’s not as difficult as you thought, right? It is no wonder that it is a card game that everyone is interested in until it becomes another immortal card king level. because it is not only used by the stars But it also uses the brain to arrange the cards. Discard cards to block other people’s moves. and many other strategies that will make the other party lose money to us For those who do not want to play in online casino You can take what you get from this article and have fun at home. Or it’s good to play on mobile games. Because no matter where you play, they use the same method.

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