Carragher reveals he has ‘Premier League Player of the Year’ in mind

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Jamie Carragher reveals the Premier League Player of the Year award is most deserving of Tottenham Hotspur’s James Maddison right now.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has revealed that if he had to give the ยูฟ่าเบท Premier League Player of the Year award to any player right now, it would go to James Maddison, the hot-form army man of Tottenham Spurs who continuously produce good results and raise Spurs’ level beyond expectations.

Carragher reveals he has 'Premier League Player of the Year' in mind

Maddison who has been linked with many big teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City or Arsenal in the recent past. Relegated along with Leicester City last season and it was Spurs who successfully brought them in to reinforce their army. By agreeing to pay 40 million pounds to the Foxes

So far, Maddison has scored 3 goals and 5 assists for Spurs, playing an important role in helping the team lead the league. As well as winning the Premier League Best Player award for the month of September.

Carragher revealed after the game on Monday that If I had to give the Premier League Player of the Year award to anyone right now, I would pick Maddison without hesitation. “He was very influential in the transformation of Spurs and the credit goes to the manager. Because of his philosophy and the style of play that he has created and Maddison is a big part of that.”

“He adopted the number 10 shirt, it had been Harry Kane’s for a long time. Harry is probably the greatest player of all time for Tottenham. I’m sure at some point Maddison will be captain. He has the right personality.”

“When you talk about moving to a bigger team. Sometimes players cannot handle the pressure. It’s not always about the quality of the players. But it’s also about the state of mind and James has it all. He gladly accepted it.”